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A Complete Set of Solutions

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Healthcare Careers stands as the premier platform exclusively dedicated to healthcare professions, serving as the quintessential gateway for genuine career opportunities worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to the healthcare sector, Healthcare Careers offers a comprehensive solution for employers, regardless of size, to seamlessly connect with the talent they desire.

Here are the standard advertising options for Healthcare Careers:

  1. Standard Posting: Displayed for 30 days. Accepts international and/or local only.
  2. Premium Posting: Offers superior branding and higher visibility. The posting remains active for an extended period of 60 days to allow more time to fill positions. Premium postings always appear towards the top of relevant search results and include a customized advertisement template to strengthen your employer brand.
  3. Premium+ Posting: Enhances visibility and brand presence even further. It includes all the benefits of a Premium posting with additional features and displays for up to 90 days.

Premium Features

Higher Visibility

Premium postings are refreshed to the top of the page every seven (Premium +) or fourteen (Premium) days meaning your vacancy has more opportunity to be seen.


Choose where you want your post to be seen, and where your want to receive applications from. You can even automatically apply the WHO "red list" application filtering.

Application Screening

Easily create and apply screening questionnaires to improve and optimise your recruiting strategy and help the best applicants stand out in the crowd.

More Time to Recruit

Premium posts not only offer increased visibility, they also offer more time to recruit. You can choose from Premium (60 days) and Premium Plus (90 days).

For those interested in posting a large number of advertisements, we offer flexible subscription plans tailored to your needs. Please contact us us for more information or to discuss a solution that best suits your requirements.

More reasons to use Healthcare Careers

Dedicated to Healthcare

Healthcare Careers boasts a truly global audience, spanning across continents and connecting healthcare professionals with career opportunities on a worldwide scale. Our platform serves as a dynamic hub where professionals from diverse backgrounds and regions converge to explore, apply for, and secure positions in the healthcare sector.

With a presence in key healthcare markets across the globe, Healthcare Careers facilitates seamless connections between employers and talent, transcending geographical boundaries to match the right candidates with the right opportunities.

Flexible Posting Options

Healthcare Careers offers three different posting options designed to meet the needs of our advertisers. You can choose from Standard (30 days), Premium (60 days) and Premium Plus (90 days), with the latter two providing increased branding, higher visibility and access to advanced geo-targeting options.

Premium posts are perfect for those harder-to-fill positions; providing more time to recruit, and automatically refreshing at regular intervals, ensuring your job posts always look fresh and perform well in searches. All applications can be redirected to your preferred Application Tracking System or software.


Recruitment Campaigns

We are passionate about creating stunning, functional, and user-friendly candidate journeys that add to the overall experience and maxmise your campaign goals.

We understand the significance of a strong online presence in today's digital landscape and provide the right tools to assist you to reach your goals. From high impact banners to sophisticated microsites to attract and engage with your ideal audience, Healthcare Careers can promote you to over one million healthcare professionals every year.

Amplify Your Brand

At Healthcare Careers, our expertise lies in our ability to intricately tailor your messaging, services, and solutions to authentically resonate with healthcare professionals, effectively showcasing your unique value proposition and standing within the industry.

With a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, we craft compelling narratives that capture the attention of both passive and active job seekers, emphasizing the distinctive benefits and opportunities your organisation offers.


Job Alerts & Newsletters

By subscribing to job alerts on platforms such as Healthcare Careers, healthcare professionals can stay updated on relevant opportunities without actively searching every day. This ensures that they don't miss out on new openings that match their skills and preferences.

Your recruitment efforts can also benefit from the reach of our regular monthly newsletter sent to our niche healthcare audience worldwide.

Performance and ROI

Using a niche healthcare job board such as Healthcare Careers offers significant benefits and a strong return on investment (ROI) for employers and recruiters. This targeted approach leads to higher-quality applications and reduces the time spent filtering through irrelevant candidates.

Leveraging our niche healthcare job board will yield a higher ROI by effectively connecting employers with top talent in the industry.

Contact us to discover how Healthcare Careers can help your reach your ideal audience.