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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some our most frequently asked questions. If you can not find the information you require, or need additional assistance, please contact the Support Team.
General Questions

Our company has been operating niche job boards and marketing platforms in the healthcare sector for many years. Our very first venture was Medical Careers Online back in 2006. This was followed by Global Medical Careers launched in 2013. Following ten years of successful growth with clients worldwide, Global Medical Careers rebranded to Healthcare Careers to further broaden its service offerings and provide increased access to organizations and employers in developing countries that may have previously found the most successful job board (and their charges) prohibitive.

Posting and Advertising

First you need to create an account with us. We always recommend that you use your business email address to do this. We will send an email to your nomiated email address which contains an activation code. When everything is in place and you have signed in to your account, select Manage Jobs from the left side menu and you can choose from one of our job posting products. 

Yes. We place no restrictions on where you can advertise a position. This means you can manage all your vacancies worldwide from one, simple to use platform.

You can view our current product range here, or contact our Sales Team. A percentage of our profit is donated to WHO approved healthcare organisations and charities working to improve the health standards in developing countries, so every purchase you make is going towards helping others less fortunate.

You can upload, resize, crop and mange both your logo and Premium advertisement banner by selecting Manage Account => My Settings from teh left side menu of your dashboard.

Please contact our Accounts Team with your request. They will provide you with a full invoice/receipt to meet your requirement.

Healthcare Careers offers banner advertising to any organisation that is interested in accessing the global healthcare workforce. Pricing differs depending on positions, sizes and target locations, so it is best to discuss your requirements with our Sales Team.

When you post a job or choose banner advertising, we offer the ability to accept applications from, or show banners in, specific countries as per your requirements. Free job postings can accept local or international applications (or both). Premium job posts have more advanced filtering available such as automatically applying "red list" filters to exclude applications from WHO developing countries. Banners can be set to appear only to users in specific locations. Talk to the Sales Team to find out more.

Certainly! Healthcare Careers has built many highly successful campaigns - locally and internationally, for government health departments, direct employers and recruitment agencies - large and small. No two campaigns are the same, so it is best to contact our Marketing Team with your requirements.

Please contact our Accounts Team with your request. They will provide you with a full invoice/receipt to meet your requirement.

Please contact our Sales Team with your request. They will provide you with alternate payment methods that we can accept.

We work with many posting services and integrate with many ATS (Application Tracking System) including ZipRecruiter, Jooble, Broadbean, Manatal, JobAdder, Idibu, LogicMelon and many more. We also accept XML and JSON feeds to automatically synchronise your job vacancies, saving valuable time and resources. More information.

For Healthcare Professionals

No. Healthcare Careers does not, and never will, charge any individual using our site to look for employment opportunities.

This can be for a number of reasons and should not be interpreted as discriminatory. It could be becasue they are unable to support visa sponsorship, visa processing, or are seeking applicants only within their own country.

We ask that all healthcare professionals register and create a profile on our site in order to apply for advertised positions. This is to assist us to maintain the quality control that our clients expect. This also prevents application bots and impersonators from making invalid submissions.

Once you have created your profile, you can use it to apply directly to positions that are advertised on our site. It should be noted that should you choose a position that requires you to apply via the company site, or redirect to a different application page, then you can not use your Healthcare Careers profile.

Privacy and confidentiality is our top priority. Healthcare Careers offers all registered healthcare professionals the option to either have their profile open (visible to all employers and recruiters) or private (visible only to owners of job posts for which they apply).

The quality team are always reviewing content posted by users of our site however on occasion something may get past us. This is why every job has a REPORT button. If something does not look right, please report it and the team will look into it as a priority.

Sorry, but no. Healthcare Careers is a career marketing platform that operates within the niche healthcare sector. We work in advertising and promotion, not recruitment. If you are seeking assistance in locating your next career move, please consider contacting the recruitment agencies advertising on our site.


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